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Tomtom Go 720 Maps Europe Torrent

And TomTom, I have a secret to share. Go to any torrent site. Your maps are there. Unprotected for anybody to install who does not want to pay you. Your DRM does not hurt those folks in any way. You are only f&cking your customers. Every single time, a free product is better than what you sell, you lose. Your customers loses. The only people who win are not your customers.

Tomtom Go 720 Maps Europe Torrent

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please help!I recently got a tomtomgo 630, and bought a map from their site without knowing of how this works. I payed 89 euros for a map and I got their payment confirmation email and allbut I just don't get how to download and install the map I bought, on my device. The mail says I just have to connect to tomtomHOME and click update device/or go to tools 'Use latest map guarantee' and tomtomHOME would automatically recognize the map I purchased. But none of this appears no where that I bought a map, and worse is that the map I wanted appeared in 'add maps', but it says I have to buy it again!! When you buy a map from tomtom's site, is there any downloading button right after the payment page? I'm scared I missed 'the download page' or something... is there a limited valid time for the download?and when you download a map, do you first have to download on your computer and later download on my tomtom? I'm lost I shouldve read more and thought better before buying...but I really dont want my 89 euros to go to waste now that I did): 350c69d7ab


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