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Stickman War: Build Your Army and Defend Your Base from the Stickmen Invasion

Stickman War: A Guide to the Ultimate Stick Figure Battle Game

Do you love stick figure games? Do you enjoy strategy, action, and war games? If you answered yes to both questions, then you will love Stickman War, one of the most fun, challenging, and addicting stick figure games ever. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Stickman War, from its history and features to its gameplay and tips. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, this guide will help you master the art of stick figure warfare and have a blast along the way.

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What is Stickman War?

Stickman War is a game that combines strategy, action, and war in a stick figure world. You can control your army of stickmen in various formations, or play as each unit individually. Your goal is to destroy the enemy statue and conquer their territory, while defending your own base from their attacks. You can choose from different modes, levels, classes, and units to customize your experience and challenge yourself.

The history and popularity of stick figure games

Stick figure games are a genre of games that feature simple graphics and animations of stick figures. They are popular for their simplicity, humor, creativity, and accessibility. Stick figure games have been around since the early days of the internet, and have evolved over time to include more genres, features, and styles. Some of the most famous stick figure games are Xiao Xiao, Animator vs Animation, Henry Stickmin, and Stick Fight.

The features and gameplay of Stickman War

Stickman War is one of the latest and greatest stick figure games that has taken the internet by storm. It was released in 2009 by Jason Whitham and Brock White for Stickpage and Maxgames, and has since been played by over 100 million people across thousands of websites. It has also been adapted into a mobile game called Stick War: Legacy, which has over 100 million downloads on Google Play. Some of the features and gameplay elements of Stickman War are:

  • Modern weaponry, units, and structures that give a realistic feel to the stick figure world

  • A long and engaging campaign mode that takes you through different nations and themes

  • A survival mode that tests your endurance and strategy against endless waves of enemies

  • An online multiplayer mode that lets you compete with other players from around the world

  • A shop and an armory that let you upgrade your army and base with various buffs and items

  • A simple yet intuitive control system that lets you use your mouse or keyboard to command your stickmen

How to play Stickman War?

Stickman War is easy to learn but hard to master. You need to balance your offense and defense, manage your resources, plan your strategy, and adapt to different situations. Here are some basic steps on how to play Stickman War:

The different modes and levels of Stickman War

Stickman War has three main modes: campaign, survival, and online. Each mode has different levels that vary in difficulty, theme, and objective.

  • Campaign mode: This is the main mode of the game, where you follow the story of the nation called Order. You have to fight against different nations that have their own unique weapons and beliefs. There are over 50 levels in this mode, each with a different challenge and reward.

  • Survival mode: This is a mode where you have to survive as long as possible against endless waves of enemies. The longer you last, the more money you earn for upgrading your army and base. You can choose from different difficulty levels and maps in this mode.

  • Online mode: This is a mode where you can play with or against other players from around the world. You can join or create a room, choose a team, and battle it out in real time. You can also chat with other players and make friends or enemies.

The different classes and units of Stickman War

Stickman War has four main classes: miner, swordwrath, archidon, and spearton. Each class has its own strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. You can also unlock and use other units, such as magikill, giants, bombers, and medusa. Here is a table that summarizes the basic stats and skills of each class:











150 gold

Mine gold or pray for mana





150 gold

Rage: increase damage and speed for a short time





300 gold, 100 mana

Fire arrow: shoot a flaming arrow that deals extra damage and sets enemies on fire





450 gold, 150 mana

Shield wall: form a defensive line that blocks enemy attacks and projectiles


The tips and tricks for winning Stickman War

Stickman War is a game that requires skill, strategy, and patience. You need to know how to use your units effectively, how to counter your enemies' moves, and how to manage your resources wisely. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you win Stickman War:

  • Always have enough miners to generate gold and mana. Gold is used to buy units and upgrades, while mana is used to activate skills and spells. You can also pray for mana instead of mining gold, but this will slow down your income.

  • Balanced your army composition according to the situation. Different units have different advantages and disadvantages against each other. For example, swordwrath are good against archidons, but bad against speartons. You can also use special units like magikill or giants to support your main units.

  • Use your skills and spells wisely. Each unit has a unique skill that can turn the tide of battle if used at the right time. For example, you can use the fire arrow skill to set enemies on fire, or the shield wall skill to block enemy attacks. You can also use spells like heal, poison spray, or earthquake to affect the whole battlefield.

  • Upgrade your units and base regularly. You can use the shop and the armory to buy various upgrades that improve your units' stats and abilities. For example, you can increase your swordwrath's damage, your archidon's range, or your spearton's health. You can also upgrade your base's defense, health, or income.

  • Be creative and have fun. Stickman War is a game that allows you to express your creativity and personality through your stickmen. You can customize their appearance, their names, their voices, and their actions. You can also create your own maps, scenarios, and challenges using the map editor.

Why play Stickman War?

Stickman War is a game that offers many benefits and challenges for its players. It is not only a game of fun and entertainment, but also a game of learning and improvement. Here are some reasons why you should play Stickman War:

The benefits and challenges of Stickman War

Stickman War is a game that can help you develop various skills and abilities that are useful in life. Some of these skills are:

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  • Critical thinking: Stickman War is a game that requires you to analyze the situation, plan your strategy, and make decisions based on logic and evidence.

  • Creativity: Stickman War is a game that encourages you to use your imagination, experiment with different ideas, and express your originality.

  • Coordination: Stickman War is a game that tests your hand-eye coordination, your reaction time, and your precision.

  • Communication: Stickman War is a game that improves your communication skills, especially when you play online with other players. You can learn how to cooperate, negotiate, persuade, and socialize with others.

  • Challenge: Stickman War is a game that challenges you to overcome difficulties, learn from mistakes, and improve your performance. It is a game that rewards you for your effort, skill, and persistence.

The fun and creativity of Stickman War

Stickman War is a game that provides you with endless fun and creativity. It is a game that lets you enjoy the thrill of war, the humor of stick figures, and the satisfactio


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