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cracked it on Sunday and I was hopping to get it fix around this week and I was listening to music going to lunch and the screen just shut down. Once I was in class my phone ringed but couldn't answer because of the screen can I get the screen fix or will I have to replace the phone?

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if your screen is cracked and its not turning on or its black you can fix your screen its the screen back wire in the back of the phone that ripped that made your phone turn all black all u have to do is get a new screen put it on your phone and boom it turns on and the screen not black anymore. hope this help u!

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Apple has been ordered to pay the cost of the watch, 429, plus fees by February 22. Cross says he is "relieved" by the verdict. "I plan to buy another Apple Watch, as for the 10 days I had it, I really liked it ... but I may wait until the next model is out."


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