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Orb _BEST_ Crack Brush Zbrush Free

About how i manage my cracks well I dont use crazy techniques i guess, i play a lot with the pressure of my tablet using the dam brush (or standard with brush mode set to +80) and my favorite brush is the flatten with intensity to 100 and brush mode at -100 which makes, really cool and clean sharp edges (its very similar to Trim dynamic). I also like to add this slash i use everywhere wich is a slash i sculpted from a plane before turning it an alpha with mrgbzgrabber, it gives me that little "comics" style i like. I'll try to make that video i promised to JasonLavoie btw xd.

Orb Crack Brush Zbrush Free

@synergy11: its almost that, but i exported each parts from max (the bricks of each parts are not attached together wich allows me to select them separately in zbrush). I used 3dcoat ( for the retopology, and decimation master in zbrush to lower the polycount while keeping the details (you can also lower the subdivision, before exporting; cracks and little details are not that necessary for retopo) thats it!

Hello, i Wanted to share my crack brush, since i recieved a lot of mails asking me how i make cracks. So i did also a video, that explains how i made it and how you can make you're own custom brushes, my accent is crap but i sux in making videos. Btw this technique is just a fun trick i tryed, there is probably lot of techniques to achieve the same result i think (using gradient alphas etc)


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