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The following free-to-play PC games cannot be included:-- pirated/hacked/cracked games (discussion of this is prohibited in this forum!)-- ROMs used in game emulators (i.e.: NES, N64, GBA, NDS, 3DS, Xbox, PS, etc. -- discussion of this is prohibited in this forum! Some exceptions are now mentioned from the Wiki free games list site)-- adult themed games involving pornography (discussion of this is prohibited in this forum!)-- promotional and free-to-try games only for a limited time (discussion of these can be mentioned here)-- game demos and shareware with partial/limited content-- abandonware/vaporware games that have little or no support (there are some exceptions)-- incomplete or canceled game even in alpha, beta or early access stage (exception is Renegade-X)-- 100% Multiplayer Online with no skirmish mode (ie. MMORPG, MOBA, etc. -- exception will be some browser/flash games)-- any game listed as an add-on modification or plug-in to the original game, program or website (except for standalone mods)-- any game listed as an alternative or clone to the original type of game (there are some exceptions)-- any game listed as a virtual reality game that may require additional hardware (that list is short for now but may consider adding them in the future)-- any game that only takes seconds or minutes to complete (ie. some versions of Reversi, Chess)-- any game that is not for Windows OS (ie. Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, any video game console, etc.)-- any game exclusively for Windows 8/10 that must be downloaded through the Windows Store (until the buggy flawed Windows Store is improved/fixed!!!)-- any game that isn't mentioned as free or free-to-play yet (including the ones that only has the source code released such as Doom 3)

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